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» Quiz: What instrument are you?
What instrument are you?
created by The Count

Uh I don't know I'm ungood with words if that makes any sense.

1.) Which name can you relate to?
Jaco Pastorius
Joe Satiani
That one guy who is really good but I can't think of his name.
Ray Manzarek

2.) This band is badass because they have two of these instruments in the band.
The Fucking Champs
The Rum Diary

3.) Which of these brand names relate to you?
Warwick, Ampeg
Korg, Moog
Pearl, Zildjian
Gibson, Fender

4.) Should bass players get a microphone? (this one hits me personally)
Hell yes bitch
Um no you don't get shit
Yes, rhythm all the way
Just let them what could it hurt

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