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» Quiz: Which Dead Rock Star Are You?
Which Dead Rock Star Are You?
created by realmenweartiaras

Are you a Kurt Cobain suicide? A Jeff Buckley drug-enduced drown? A John Lennon murder? Find out! Also with pictures! Take the quiz and then follow your guy's lead! Ahah.

1.) In your band (real or imaginary) what is your music like?
All about ME, my heart, my life and well, my guitar.
My life as a crazed lunatic, grundge all the way.
Manic! Pain! Suffering! Hate! America! Politics!
Mind, body and soul. Talk about fun and about life.
Everything, except (in soft voice) sex. That's bad.
Chicks, Drugs, Feelings... what pops in my head.
Poppy, but still punk. (starts to sing) Bam, bam...
About me bein' a thug. I ain't in a band, G. Peace.

2.) What do people see you as?
A God. It sickens me. I'm not God, I'm nothing.
An LSD maniac, woooooo. And good with guitars.
A very weird, but smart junkie. Also very out there.
Hip Hop Jesus of the 20th Century. I'm a Thug.
Emotional, intellectual, distressed and very loving.
Self-injurious, introverted hating and glamorous.
Smart, adventurous and think outside the box.
Hardcore (I'm not!). Very lyrical and sadly very ugly.

3.) What do you see yourself as?
A piece of shit. I should die I'm fucking pathetic.
Pretty fucked up. I hate myself and that's OK!
Over-rated. People say I'm good. I'm no Elvis!
I don't know. All I see is this purple haze...
Happy. I can't complain, I'm where I want to be.

4.) Name a song that you like:
Laughin' and Clownin' by Otis Rush
Rap (can't name songs...dawg)
Anarchy In The UK by the Sex Pistols
How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths
Monkey Gone To Heaven by Pixies
Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley
Casualty Vampire by Circle Jerks
The Way Young Lovers Do by Van Morrison

5.) What we're you like as a kid?
(smiles) A little asshole, I was EVIL.
Very sophisticated, and very smart.
Ska-like, punk and damn screwed.
Happy, but honest and forthright.
Quiet, depressed & self-mutilating.
Like any normal guy my age I guess.
A very popular, sad, annoying loser.
Very out there but still keeping sane.

6.) Pick a word:
dont click here

7.) Who's hot?
Anyone who's like me!
Anyone who's down to earth.
Anyone who's into ska!
Anyone who's sopisticated.
Anyone who's got LSD!
Anyone who's really skinny.
Anyone who's rich!
Anyone who's uh..good.

8.) Finally, how will you die?
Shoot and run, homie!
Heroin, then a bullet in my mouth...
Heroin overdose.
Disappear and let you decide...
Pssh, wouldn't you like to know.

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