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» Quiz: Which Breaking Benjamin Song Are You?
Which Breaking Benjamin Song Are You?
created by BrEaKiNg_bEnJaMiN_LuVeR

Like Breaking Benjamin? Well now you can find out which song you are!

1.) Wut is your fav. color?
just black
red...cuz i love blood!
anything dark

2.) How often are you depressed?
all the time
never...i love my life!
not all the time but i do get really depressed sometimes

3.) Who's your fav.?
Ben Burnley
Aaron Fink
Jeremy Hummel
Markus James

4.) Which band do you like the best?
Good Charlotte
Simle Plan
The Used
Linkin Park

5.) What song lyrics do you like the best?
show me how it ends...
you fuck it up every time...
i know your ways cuz they are just like mine...
how can i believe when this cloud hangs over me..
now we are never sad cuz we are not allowed to be...

6.) Which member of the band has a daughter?

7.) Who's the sexiest?
i dont think any of them are sexy

8.) What did you think of this quiz?
it was ok
it was fuckin awesome!
it was aight homie
it fuckin sucked

9.) are you going to rate it?
hell nah
hell yea! (thanx)
you wish (fuck u then)

10.) (random) do you think im cool?
nah (ur mean!)
yea (thanx!)
hell yea! u fuckin rock! (thanx!)
you sound pretty cool (well you are cool too!)
uh huh sure

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