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» Quiz: Which KoRn member are you? (kick ass pix pplz!!!)
Which KoRn member are you? (kick ass pix pplz!!!)
created by reapernoctem666

1.) When would your Birthday be?
November 2nd,1969
June 19th, 1970
June 6th, 1970
September 21st, 1972
January 18th, 1971

2.) What is your instrument?
Rythm guitar
Lead Guitar

3.) What brand for your instruments?
Ibanez 7-string guitars
Ibanez 7-string guitars
Ibanez 5-string bass guitars
Tama Drumset
hmmm...what mic brands do they have

4.) What would your name be?

5.) Quote?
If you're in a band and you drink...me and you are pretty fuckin tight friends
Rewind it...REWIND IT!!! rewind my fart too!!!
ok this is an armpit tampon, you just apply as so, after an hour of show
well i better put this bad boy up
lick a toilet seat bud, come just lick it, you're not gonna die, i drank puke and piss from a toilet am i dead? nope

6.) Did this quiz suck?
fuck you bitch!!!
I love you...
I guess

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