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» Quiz: what kind of punk are you?
what kind of punk are you?
created by _punk_is_dead_

1.) what is your favourite colour
red, black, white
white and other pure colours
red, like the blood of my enemies, hahaha
black and other colours of the night
what ever MTV tells me to like

2.) what decade was the best
well, i was only alive in the 90s, so i guess then
the 80s dude!
the 70s
the 1700s
1930s and 40s
the new millinium, its so 1337!!!!!

3.) whats your loitical stance?
erm.....do you mean politics? o, i dont like all that
you're an idiot, you cant even spell, get the hell out of my way
your spelling upsets me...but politically, id say lieberal or socialist
why bother myself with politics, im too busy being depressed right now

4.) where do you live?
so cal!!!!
london town
i havnt been outside for years, so i dont actually know
texas, but i wish it was germany during the 30s

5.) fav. book?
reading is for geeks!
YOU WHAT? i dont read, im too busy beating the crap out of people who arnt like me
anything that enhances my knowledge
anything by edger allan poe
mien kampf

6.) whats your catchphrase?
i f!!!ed your mum!
out of my way!
tut tut, shame on you all
woe is me
sieg hail!

7.) who are your idols?
who ever MTV says is cool right now
everyone who has died fighting in the pit
anyone who has stood up for themselves despite being seen as uncool
vlad the impalor
hitler, mussolini

8.) who are your favorite bands?
blink 182, sum 41, good charlotte, simple plan
black flag, dropkick murpheys, dead kennedys
minor threat and anyone else who adopts the straight edge life style
AFI, the misfits, the cure
anyone as hatefull as me

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