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» Quiz: what kind of instant soup are you???
what kind of instant soup are you???
created by whitenoise

i like maruchan....

1.) ((common q)) whats your fav color?

2.) i worship green!!!
you are stupid....

3.) i like...
maruchan!!! yeah baby!
top ramen is good.
cup noodles all the way.
i love all soups
none intresterst me...

4.) ok,um...how much do you cuss in a day???
hella lot you little 1!!395-er!
not much...smirk...
enough.i am a homie yeah yeah!
not at all...what a retarded question...
my mummy says not to but i do it anyways.
no i dont! you f...-er! er...whoops...
this is a long quiz.

5.) how short and/or tall are you.
very! stands on tippy toes
no.i can barely reach my desk at school.
man i m hella tall!
i am medium sized.
somewhere in the middle...

6.) so.............last......question..........
how dare you waste my time!!! i will kill you!
i like soup.
how ya doin?!

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