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» Quiz: subwayyy!!!
created by meowie

meow kiki meow meow!

1.) red rover red rover send ELROY right over!?!?!
elroys the man!
who the hell is elroy?
hehe brown.. i like the color brown.. GO BROWN!!!!
dododo.................... elroy... elroy i love elroy hes the sexiest man alive!

2.) ershmer!!! AFWEROK!! WAFFLES!!!!!!! OMG WAFFLES ARE THE BEST THING EVER!!! right!?!?!... RIGHT! lol uhhmmm stuff and things...?!
blue sucks X)!
craaaaaayyyons mmm.. eat crayons.. EAT EAT!
i love kitties... meeeow!
and their food.. hehe meow mix :drools:
somebody poisoned the water hole!!!!!!
snow white is sexy w00t!
mmm.. undies!
giraffes.... giraffes are cool.. damn cool
haw haw eff you zebras are better!!
fer shizzle bizzle!
blue sucks you hate blue you REALLY hate blue you want to KILL it!! KILL IT ALL UP! lol
mmm.. i like food
bah bah bah!! SHEEPS!!
im a gangsta yo..
....dot dot... dot dot.... dot.................... dot.... do...........t

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