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» Quiz: What on-the-go breakfast food are you?
What on-the-go breakfast food are you?
created by Mara~

Yeah, yeah, it's a funky name. Find out what breakfast food you are. Not just any breakfast food, the QUICK GRAB IT LET'S GO kind.

1.) Firstly, are you a morning person?
Nope. My mom makes me get up early.
Yeah, sort of. I get up at least.
Always up! Wee! I'm a morning morning morning person.
Uh... hi?

2.) What do you DO in the morning during the school year or work day?
I have to get ready to go, but sometimes I'll sit on my floor, naked, pulling on my sock and forget to keep moving.
Well, I get ready. On time on the double!
A warm shower wakes me up a little then it's down to business.
Well, mom-droid puts my clothes out and then I get ready. Sometimes I miss the bus and come home.
Well, I get ready and try to clean up the whole house before I look at the clock.

3.) What time do you go to sleep?
3:00 AM of course.
Whenever I get my homework done. I put it off a lot.
When I feel like it.
About 9:30 PM. It's healthy.
If I don't start doing something? About 10:00.

4.) Do you like your teacher/boss?
Our relationship is either red letter or intimate. Cough cough.
I work hard on my assignments, I do fine.
I AM the boss. Mwahaha. Eh..
Most of the time.
Sure, when I have time.

5.) Relate this word with one of those below. Me:
Unreliable, too sweet.
Mature or insane. Can't tell yet.

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