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» Quiz: What type of food are you?
What type of food are you?
created by Funny_Bunny

Ever wonder what it would be like if you were food? Now YOU can find out what you would be in the food world!!!

1.) Your going on a date, what do you wear?
A beautiful, long gown with emerlds and rubies.
Samething I always wear, duh.
I have NO time for boys.

2.) Your driving down the road and then you see a dog run out. What do you do?
SSSWWWEERRRVVEEE!!!!! I couldn't hit the poor doggie!!!
The dog better move before I get there!!!
Red light. The dog is safe.

3.) I feel boring so I'm going to ask you What is you favorite color?
Dark but not quite black. Ya know like olive green or something.
Any color that looks good on me.
Something bright, like hot pink!!!

4.) Now I'm feeling exotic so I'll ask you Whats your favorite island?
Hawaii. (Sigh of content)
An island nobodys explored yet!!! Fun Fun Fun!!!
And island that has lots of diffrent food!!!!

5.) Last question. Do you like spicy food?
Yes. I feel the thrill of SPICE!!!
No way!!! What are you? Insane???
Not if has any fat in it. Yuck.

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