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» Quiz: what flavor of ice cream are u
what flavor of ice cream are u
created by death161616


1.) your favorite colour is
dark colours black blue etc
pink and red
white gray something light

2.) you would rather
watch tv
sit outside and watch the rain wash down a spider
draw a picture
read a light book
eat ice cream

3.) on the computer you go to
anyhting that popos up
a quiz maker
a baby website what there enjoyable
go to dismey dot com

4.) your sleeping position is
on my back looking at the ceiling
on my side curled up in a ball
on my stomach with my arms and legs spread out wide
how can i tell im asleep

5.) you would most like to take a quiz on
what your personality is
what kind of beaty am i
how smart i am
what occupation i am most likely to get

6.) are yo glad this quiz is over
yah i fell asleep an hour ago
no i found it quite fun
it was the AWESOMEST

7.) you most perfer to say goodbye like
see yah later dude
bibi girlfriend
see yah later alligator
like bye

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