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» Quiz: What food are you?
What food are you?
created by DarkFallenAngel

Figure what you are most like so you can order it next time your out. by the way the pics are dedicated(by) to Steak n' Shake, the place I work and I have for 1.5 yrs. !!!I love Steak n' Shake!!!

1.) Texture
light and saucy

2.) can you handle heavy burdens?
i go with the flow
just toss me anywhere
i never go where i'm told
Put all you want one me!
i only like one job at a time...two maybe

3.) how fast are you?
slow and steady
i'm rushed to get done and I con only do things when i'm put to them
I'm lazy
i can be deadly when I'm not finished but I am not appitizing when I go to far.
I'm almost as quick as you can get

4.) are you liked much?
everyone likes me unless they dont like who I am
nit-pickers dont like me
plain or spicy...i go either way
you like me or you dont
those who have ambitions want me

5.) what music do you like?
sorrow and dark
slow stars and quick ends

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