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» Quiz: WhAt iS yOuR fAvOrItE sOdA?!
WhAt iS yOuR fAvOrItE sOdA?!
created by x.hyper.x

Just a fun quiz. Not saying you'll get 'real' results or whatever. But, fun to see the results!

1.) Morning time! You are eating some breakfast and you go for...
Something really sugar-y.....like cereal....with sugar....::ssuuggaarr::
Cereal, and it has to be Fruity Pebbles, Trix, something like that.
Cola....nothing better to wake you up in the morning!!
Water. Yes, rather plain....
Fruit...a bowl of cherries, or strawberries or something like that.

2.) ..::overused::..::gotta ask::.. Favorite color......?
RAINBOW....cant pick just one color...how BORING is that!?!
Blue, red, the basic colors...but hey, I'm for the classics
Yellow, green...along that line....those colors are soo...vibrant
GREEN....like money.......... ..::ssssuuugggaaarrrr::..
Red...yes its soo...delish

3.) Pick one...
:yawn: is this thing done yet?
:fruity: woo...these questions are fun!
:life is just a bowl of cherries!:

4.) oops....i accidentally cliked this....have fun with this one
okay....lets see my results

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