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» Quiz: Did you eat my cookie?
Did you eat my cookie?
created by Ferret

A stoopid quiz to see if you ate my cookie.

1.) What's your favorite cookie?
Peanut butter
Chocolate chip
Ginger snap
Fortune cookies
A cookie not listed

2.) What sport do you play?(or would like to play)
Hate sports

3.) Do you steal your friends food at lunch?
Only when they say I can
It's not right to steal
All the time,when they're not looking
I have friends?
If I'm still hungery

4.) What's your position in your group of friends?
I'm the leader
The insane joker
I just hang with them to look pretty
I don't have friends
I don't have a position

5.) How do you eat a fortune cookie?(assuming you've had 1 before)
Smash it to little bits,read the fortune,and let my friends scramble for the pieces
Swallow it whole.What!There was paper in there!Oops....
Break in half,read fortune,and eat the cookie
Break in half,show the fortune to my frineds,and let them eat the cookie

6.) From what I've listed,what's your favorite color?
Yellow or peach
Brown or black
Golden yellow
What's it to you?

7.) Are you a good person?
Yes,of course!
You think I ate your cookie,don't you!
Kinda sorta
Nope!I'm evil!

8.) What is the first hting that comes to your mind when I say 'cookie'?
I did it!I admit it!
Absolutly nothing
Evil Joe

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