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» Quiz: How Fat Are You!?!?
How Fat Are You!?!?
created by The-Apocalypse

see how fat you are rite here!

1.) Can you see this screen?
What screen?
I can't see behind my awesome muscles!
Crystal Clear, Sir!

2.) Can you see ur toes?
do toes look like twinkies?
hmm.... nope!
I'm too busy flexing my awesome muscles!!!
That's where I put my shoes... and socks...
I clean them every day :)
::munch munch:: toes?

3.) What happened to the Hostess truck on May 19, 1999?
I didn't eat it! I-It wasn't me!! ::whistles::
Maybe I ate it! why u wanna know?
i went up and got a snack for 5cents
I planted a bomb on it, I hate fatty foods... and cream filling, that's just disturbing, cream filling...

4.) What's you fav. color?
Any of them that I can eat!
Yellow, twinkies are yellow...
black, grey, anything dark
what does this have to do with the quiz???

5.) What about this quiz?
Can I eat it?
I am now hungry, u mentioned food, Damn You! ::munch munch::
but what about my muscles?
I liked bombing the hostess truck--o.. the quiz? I hate fat ppl :)

6.) Good jo, now click the button below!!!
this is then end of the quiz?

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