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» Quiz: What candy are you?
What candy are you?
created by Zippydani

what candy are you?

1.) What would you descirbe your Style in Clothing
Casual and comfortable. Nothing like a good pair of jeans and a cotton t-shirt
Sophisicated and sexy. Knee length skirts or slacks with a buisness flair
Colorful and fun Baby-t's and a matching pink mini
Clothing? It shouldn't be legal to wear them.
Dressy and casual at the same time. Looking Classy yet stylish
Black... it's slimming, and who needs color.
Sweats. No reason to dress up when you don't care
Frilly dresses and lace
The Tighter the better BABY!
I like to match with my friends. TWINSIES DOUBLE THE FUN!!!

2.) YOU ARE.......
Huggable and sweet
A Tough Nut to crack
Quit Whitted, and sometimes too honest
a social butterfly!
dark souled and enjoy being alone
Free spirited and care free
sweet and sensitive
a rebel and unique
a total nut and usually are the joker
fun light hearted

3.) you tend to....
Lie to others about what you are Really are going to do ( be honest everyone does it sometime)
come on too strong and force oppinions on to others
leave yourself voulnerable to Jerks
make too many friends
talk on the phone a lot
be the wallflower and people watch
turn into a nutcase if he doesn't call you back the day he says he will
become bitter to those you really don't know, judgemental of others
break hearts

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