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» Quiz: What beverage are you?
What beverage are you?
created by twelvecodespent

find out what drink you are...

1.) What is your favorite color?
The color of shit

2.) Which best describes yourself?
Rough edges and hard to please
Easy going but not easy to get with
I'm god

3.) Sex is...
A once a week thing
Not somethin I'll do until I'm married
At least twice a week
Umm its been awhile
I'm waiting for the right person

4.) What is your favorite season?
Winter, I love the snow
Spring, not too hot not too cold
Summer, time to hit the beaches
Fall, its refreshing and easy going

5.) What is your favorite animal?
I hate animals
Polar Bear, it's the only animal that hunts man

6.) Your relationship status is...
I'm a pimp/whore
Long term relationship
Shot term relationship
I couldn't get a date if I wanted to

7.) FINALLY, where do you see yourself when your 30?
Well paying job and a family
Stunt man
I'll be dead by then
I'll own my own island
Killing people in the army
Just killing people for fun

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