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» Quiz: Which beverage are you?
Which beverage are you?
created by Scheherazade

Find out which lovely beverage you are!

1.) How old are you? (Pick the age closest to your age.)

2.) How old do you act?

3.) Have you ever been to www.screaminabox.com?
Yes, of course! It's my frequent hang.
No, that's for you young people.
No, I'm too busy acting stupid on chats.
Excuse me? I CREATED www.screaminabox.com, you freak!

4.) Pick a dinner.
Something funky and spicy, maybe some Thai.
Steak. Lots of steak.
Gobstoppers and a sandwich.
Something good from a restaurant; I'm sick of cooking.
A hamburger and fries.

5.) Pick an embarassing faux pas (social blunder).
Accidentally sneezing milk out of your nose. At your significant other's family reunion.
Accidentally going to a hip party... In go-go boots.
Falling asleep in class.
Accidentally falling off the mechanical bull at the local hang.
Trying to eat through a veggie wrap without realizing that you have to take the paper off first.

6.) Where would you like to live in America?
New York
Chicago or Pheonix

7.) What's your outtake on life?
Well... It's buttery and crispy and oh so lovely.
Hee-yah, life is good.
Between work, college, and my social life, I have no time for living.
It's been good, but times are getting darker.
Everything is fine as long as the rain is glistening on the face of the sky.

8.) What's your outlook on death?
Well. It's there, and we can't do anything to change it, but we shouldn't dwell on it.
It's coming closer... I'm halfway there.
It's death! So what? Big deal; anyone can die, but I can tie a cherry stem into a knot. Using my earlobes.
If you mess with me, you die. That's the whole thing.
Between work and school, who has time to die?

9.) Pick an emotion.

10.) Pick a band.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blink 182
I know she's not a band, but... Tori Amos.

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