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» Quiz: wot kind of alcoholic drink are you?
wot kind of alcoholic drink are you?
created by lucretta

1.) what drink do you like best out of these?
pure vodka
wkd, red square or sugary drinks like that

2.) when your drunk how do you act?
aggressive towards others and things
Hyper and really happy
Depressive and trying to kill yourself
just really drunk and cant see straight

3.) How strong do you like your drink?
really strong that it hits your head with a first sip
you dont care how strong it is, its all about how it tastes
strong with lots and lots of sugar that is, you wanna be hyper

4.) what drink would you like to have poured on your chest for someone to lick off?
pure vodka
wkd, red square, sugary drinks
my own one i mixed up
A drink that most people dont like

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