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» Quiz: Which fruit r u
Which fruit r u
created by real_azn

1.) Ur favorite ice-cream flavour is:
Something tropical
I hate ice-cream!
Vanilla alongside with peaches n cream
They all taste pretty good

2.) If u held a last term party,where will it take place?
Who cares about prissy little parties
Crusing on my boat in the middle of the sea
My parents won't let me
Taking the people i like going to the movies.My treat!

3.) How would u imagin ur sole-mate to be
Having a partner is just a waste of time and effort
I'm flying solo until i can find somebody who can skake his/hers BOOTY
Sole-mate?What sole-mate.
A person that is cute yet who respects every humans' right

4.) If u had a car,what will it b?
As long as it gets me around,i'm not real fussed on the features itself
A little Holden Barina either in pink or purple
NOBODYS going in my damn car
A tourbus with all my mates

5.) What is ur ideal holiday
fuck holidays!FUCK U!
Relaxing in a fancy hotel while being pampered and manicured
On a private beach in the Bahamas...ALL ABOARD!
I rather stay at home sweet home

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