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» Quiz: What vegetable were you in your past life?
What vegetable were you in your past life?
created by ChickenSandwich

We all wonder about it. We ponder as we lay in our beds at night, trying to fall asleep. But now- stop pondering! We have the answers!

1.) Are you a Coke or Pepsi person?
Pepsi is just watery Coke.
Pepsi is kinda cute
ba ba ba ba ba..joy of pepsi.
Strawberry Banana Surpreese

2.) What's your favorite river?
The Gamgee River
Euphrates baby
St. Lawrence
Strait of Gibraltar
The River Styx

3.) Which household item would you rather be?
Spatula to the Maxula
The Garden Hose
My cat's untouchables
Salad Dressing
Your mom
My turban
My sister's showerhead

4.) Pick a song
Here we go one more time everybody's feeling fine here we go now
Oh my starry-eyed surprise sun down to sun rise
Who can say where the road goes..only time (enya..oh yes!)
Does a mullet make a man?
Cause this THRILLER thriller night
It goes around the world just lalalalala

5.) Which vegetable would you have liked to mate with in your past life?
the indus river valley

6.) what's your favorite oldschool nickelodeon show?
Alex Mack- way hot as a silver capri sun
Clarissa Explains it All
Ah Real Monsters
Are you afraid of the Dark?
So Weird (disney, i know, but Fi was frickin awesome!)
I don't like Nickelodeon. I'm a fagtron.

7.) What do you think is my most stunning feature?
My gorgeous eyes that you could stare into all day
My slender and begging to be caressed legs
My hot sick pack
My cankles
My volumptuous bosom
My earlobes that make you tingly downstairs

8.) Who's the hottest
Laura Ingalls WILDer
Alice (in wonderland)
Prince Charming
Kim Possible
Arnold (Hey Arnold)

9.) What's the best slash most exciting part of the water cycle?
surface fricking runoff
i like the episode where Little Foot in Land Before Time joins a gang
rain drops keep falling on my head...but that doesnt mean my eyes will soon be turning reddd (we were all singing it. dont deny it)

10.) What was your favorite part of this quiz?
How there were no stupid questions like, what's your favorite color? hmm!? HMM!?
How the questions are just so lively and inspirational (spoken in gay voice)
All the questions were extremely sexual
I've always wanted to know what vegetable i was in my past life. come on, who doesn't?
i liked it when desiree took her shirt off and started dancing on the table

11.) Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?
You see the way you're actin like you're somebody else makes me frustrated
I'm extremely sorry that i happened to be menstruated
oh. my. starry eyed surpreese.
YO i'll tell you what i want what i really really want
I'm sorry I just thought things were going too fast for me

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