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» Quiz: Which Skittle Flavor are you?
Which Skittle Flavor are you?
created by XoCrazyCutieXo

Find out whihc flavor skittle you are!!

1.) What is your favorite color

2.) What best describes yourself??
Not too many people like me, but only the true people that I care about love me to death
I am loved by some, hated my many
I am very popular, and loved by everyone
I'm a little out there, and only the best people will know me and love me
I'm dark inside

3.) Which of the following would you rather do---
Hang out with my friends, cause I have soo many!!!
Hang out with friends and family and just be crazy!!
Stay on my bed, away from others
Go to a park
Watch the sunset and sunrise

4.) Are you beautiful??
I guess so...
Kind of, some people think so
not really :(

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