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» Quiz: Are You Constipated?
Are You Constipated?
created by moongoddess51

So, do you have to go poop, or will it just not come?

1.) What are you thinking about?
The wet stuff coming out of my bum
This quiz...sort of
Why did I eat Chinese food?!?!
Pooping...it JUST WON'T COME!!!

2.) Describe the state of your pants.
Covered in brown stuff....I have bottom problems.
Very clean. No gunk whatsoever.
Gah!!!!!!!!! Come out, mister poopy!

3.) When is the lst time you visited the toilet?
Right after Question 2
Earlier today...I wouldn't go in there if I were you!
Toilet?!?! I haven't been near one of those in years!

4.) How does your butt feel right now?
Gassy...oops...that wasn't gas!
Butt-ish, I guess.
Kinda heavy...there may be a turd in there....
It feels full of poop!!!! COME OUT!!!!!!!!

5.) OK, final question: how long are the intervals between poos?
Intervals? I know not what you mean.
Half a day to a day.
A day or two
I don't remember the last time I pooed!!!! I think I was 5....

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