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» Quiz: What type of pop tart are you?
What type of pop tart are you?
created by magash=hot

1.) Whats your favorite color
Pink, yellow happy colors
Blue, green
Pink,Black verys day to day

2.) what do you do in your spare time?
Go shopping, hang out with friends
Party every chance i can
School work/ read
Sometimes i hang out with my friends or i sleep and watch tv
EAT, watch tv and sleep

3.) Where do you shop
Forever21 American Eagle
Hot Topic
Gap Old Navy

4.) What type of guys do you like?
Any who gives me chocolate on holidays
Nerds are sexy
Anyone as long as they're nice and outgoing
Preps, Jocks
Bad Boys

5.) What sports do you play
i hate working out
im to worried about my grades for school to worry about sports
Cheerleading, Soccer
I like anything from golf to cheerleading to hockey

6.) What color nail polish do you wear?
Hot pink, i get my nails done
Black, pink,blue
i wear clear
i get designs of cupcakes, and candy
Red Orange, anything hot

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