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» Quiz: Which Flavor of ICE CREAM are You?
Which Flavor of ICE CREAM are You?
created by aliceeinwonderland

Figure out which ice cream flavor best fits your personality.

1.) What would you like to receive for your birthday?
A cell phone
A puppy!
No presents - just a huge party!
Some free time
I'll accept anything

2.) Pick a color.
neon green

3.) Your best friend calls you up on the phone and tells you that his/her crush just asked him/her out, what is your reaction?
You listen to him/her without saying a word.
OMG, you're totally going to get married and have the cutest little wedding...
You pretend to listen while you do the massive amount of homework you have and still practice for the school talent show.
OMG!! You have to tell me every detail!! What were they wearing?! When was is?! Did anyone else see?! I have to call everyone to tell them the news..
You wonder if they have any hot friends they can hook you up with...

4.) It's Friday night and the movie you wanted to see is sold out, what do you do?
This works out well... I have way to much work to do to be lounging around.
You're disappointed, but then you spot the hot popcorn vender and start to work your magic.
You leave and go home, disappointed.
I really wanted to see the movie with the cute little pink bunnies!! Maybe if I flirt with the ticket vendor, they'll let me in.
You start talking to the vendor, as their eyes start to droop, you grab a ticket and sneak in and start talking to the sweaty fat man in the aisle...

5.) Where are you most likely to be at a club?
Talking to the bouncer at the door.
Tearing it up on the dance floor.
Who has time for clubs?
I'm not the club type.
Are there any unicorms in this club?

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