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» Quiz: What candy are you?
What candy are you?
created by i fuck alf

1.) Your friends describe you as:
They can't even put me into words.
Meticulious, Stubborn, Strange, Eccentric.
Combative, Argumentative, etc.
A cheapskate.
A little sweet and a little nutty.
Depressed, whiney, sad, full of woe.
Tangy, wild, colorful, unique.
Nice, Honest, Caring, Sensitive, etc.

2.) Your dating style is:
I don't fit into any of these classifications.
I stick to one person.
I slap my bitches up.
I like my own space.
I like to date exclusive, treat them special, be romantic.
I like to give a little game. I don't give the horse the sugar until I close the gate.
I date all sorts of people. I'm a free spirit.
I fall in love.

3.) Your favorite song:
Anything expiremental.
I like classical and filmscores.
Anything by Limp Bizkit or Motley Crue.
I pirate my music.
Depeche Mode, The Cure, these bands are great.
Music you've never heard.
Len, Outkast, Greatful Dead, etc.
Debbie Gibson rocks.

4.) What kind of underwear do you wear?
Girls- I don't wear any.Boys- Boxer briefs.
Girls- Granny underwear.Boys- Nut huggers.
I wear all sorts.
Whatever has the funniest print.
Whatever feels comfy.

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