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» Quiz: The Better What kind of city r u
The Better What kind of city r u
created by :P I OWN U :P

More Cities :)

1.) Whats ur fav color?
Red Green Blue
Green red and orange
orange purple
light blueish and yellow
green yellow
navy blue green
brown red gold
brown blue

2.) Whats ur favorite sport team?
Yankees bitch!
Dolphins all the way baby!
Ravens own u!!!!!!!!
Lakers WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Packers baby!
Cardinals gonna win next Year Go cards!!!!
Go 49ers women
um i dont got a fav they all suck
Astros yyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa

3.) What state u in?
I Live in New England
Florida,Georgia, Mississippi that stuff
New york or west Connecticut
New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Mid Atlantic States
North West mostly Washington State
South West California Arizona Nevada
Mid California
Mid South Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiippeeeeeeeeeee
Mid States
Mid Northern peeps

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