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» Quiz: Why Do You Rawk Socks?
Why Do You Rawk Socks?
created by _rawr

1.) What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Go back to sleep because school wont teach you anything you really need to know.
Like Oh My Gosh what to wear!?
Find something that smells ok..eat some pop tarts and leave.
Put on some make up and then get some clothes on

2.) Now..the overrated question. Whats your color?
Any color that looks good on me. And it has to match.
I love them all. I like blue and green mostly though.
Any color that makes me feel good is my favorite.

3.) What is your music genre?
I go for more of the comedy-ish music that I can sit back and sorta laugh to
I like really anything that isent on the radio or has been smashed by TV
I like the dark side of music. It makes me feel somewhat secure
I like the poppy rap music thats on the radio, I love watching their music videos.

4.) What kind of make-up .. if any.. do you wear?
None. and if I do its probally going to be eyeliner or something
I love the glosses and the nails. I wear it all!
I like wearing glittery make-up with some eyeliner.
Anything I feel like putting on. Even if it looks goofy if I feel confident then im wearing it.

5.) Finally. What do people think of you as?
Im the person people come to for the answers. I can be a really good friend but I can tell you how it is what what I think.
Im the one that can make you laugh. Having a bad day? Come to me.
Im the one that can make you feel safe. I can give you tips on how to make you feel better about yourself.
Im the one that talks alot. Bored and have patience? Come to me.

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