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» Quiz: Is there anything between you and him?
Is there anything between you and him?
created by .fuck.your.broken.heart.

to test the "chemistry"

1.) First, How did you two meet?
over the computer?
hes an old friend, probably sometime in elementary school or something
At a praty, get together, or something along those lines
hes my neighbor
umm hes my cousin

2.) When you see him in the hall at school its...
Hug where he picks you up and spends you around
a high then he hugs you, short conversation, then he heads to class..
walks by and there is just that wonderful eye contact that makes you all warm and crazy inside you cant help but smile and blush
the scene where he walks by and doesnt even acknowledge your alive because he doesnt know you exist, or he is very shy..

3.) Do you talk to him on the computer or does he call you?
yea all the time, or enough
on aim more, but never on the phone
we have never talked before ...ever...EVER!
occassionaly on the computer, we just started

4.) Have you ever had a dream about him?
yea, lately alot
maybe once
me yes.........but him no, he doesnt even know my name....

5.) Does he have the same friends as you, or a completely different group, you know his friends but his best friend, or one of his friends doesnt like you?
same friends
completely different group
one of those hateful bastards hates me and it sucks
i ahve no friends...they dont exist to him just like me..

6.) do you really like him?
yea he is sooooooooooooooooo cute, and is fun to look at from far away.
yes, he is the sweetest guy in the world...we have so much in common, we talk for hours about music and movies..........
idk....i dont even know his last name, but thats ok becuase he doesnt know my name at all.
we just started talking and there are somethings im not sure about at all..

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