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» Quiz: what color is your blood?
what color is your blood?
created by -_goth_-

1.) what color do you most resmeble?
black..black..and umm black
white like my soul
dark blues..or deep greens
bright colors like pinks yellows purples

2.) what do you think of death/murder?
its sad depressing
death and murder is fuckin awesome!!
heck i want to be a murder and watch death upon others
its part of life nothin i can do about it
its an easy way to escape life and ppl

3.) what do you think about life?
it suxs..i want out!!
its awesome.i wont go
ahh its alright..
whut ever life death its all the same

4.) out of all of these whut would you pick to kill someone?
knife of course
shit i dont need a weapon i have my hands
kill? no..i wont
gun of ne sort..its fast and easy
chainsaw it sounds kool

5.) now tell me how much did this quiz suck ass?
it was good
it sucked my ass
no comment!!
waste of my god damn fuckin time

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