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» Quiz: What Musician Are You?
What Musician Are You?
created by -Disoriented-

Whether you listen to pop, rock, or rap, you'll get a match.

1.) What music style do you listen to?
What da fuck kinda question is dat?!! I be listenin' to rap, nigga!
Loud. Angry. Industrial Metal. Get out of my face, stupidass.
Oh. My. God. Like, AVRIL! She is like SO punk!!!
Like, I spend too much time at cheerleading practice to pay attention to music, but, like, when I DO listen to music, I listen to, like, pop! DUH!
Who cares...
FUCK YOU!! Get outta my face before I start a riot!!!!
POP PUNK. Like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte, dude.
(Ignore this...)

2.) What's your idea of fun?
LIKE, OH MY GOD, like shopping with my girlfriends at the mall!! I got the CUTEST shirt at Abercrombie the other day!!!
Crashing the mall!!!
Moshing it up at a local punk rock show, what else?
Sitting in my room. In the dark. Cutting myself or something. Thinking about death. Hm.
Checking out the new stuff in Hot Topic! Rawk on!!!
Writing poetry. Deep, dark poetry, the kind that brings tears to your eyes...
(Shit I did it again, ignore this too...)

3.) What matters most to you?
Anarchy! Fuck the government!!
Bitches and hoes! I'm a P.I.M.P., fucka!
I hate my father.
Like, DUH, making sure I don't break a nail!
Fuck you, I hate you all.
Making deep, heart-felt music that people can relate to.

4.) Do you believe in love?
Like, fuck you! I'm far to busy being punk!!!
Sure, but I have NONE for my dad, he's such an asshole!!
Only posers fall in love! Fuck you!
-sigh- Everytime I try to love someone, I end up with a broken heart....
I got love fo' my bitches and hoes! Damn right!
Love is beautiful for those who get to experience love in the truest form.
Like, duh! I love my boyfriend, he's like, the quarterback, and he's like SOOO hot!!

5.) Are we done yet?
I hope so, you're starting to really fuckin' bore me!
Like, I HOPE so, cuz, like, me and my girls got a date with the mall! Chop-chop!
We betta be, my hoes is herre!
Like, FUCK YOU! -skates off-

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