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» Quiz: What Is Your Weapon Of Choice?
What Is Your Weapon Of Choice?
created by _jordan_

Plain and simple, if you were to murder someone, waht would your weapon of choice be?

1.) When dealing with your victim, where would you like to be...
Up close and personal
2-3 feet away
Long distance so I have more time to run...
Out of sight and out of mind...
So close they feel your skin on theirs
Close enough to slice them open

2.) In a weapon you prefer sometihng...
Long and sleek
That you have msot control over
Lightweight and sharp
Hot and spreads fast
Solid and powerful
Fast and effective

3.) After you do the dirty work you like the crime scene to be...
A total bloody massace, leave no limbs connected!
A cripsy charcoal smell
Pretty bloody, but lets give the victim some respect
Dont care jsut want them dead, and dead fast
Thier head to be split into 2 and possibly decapitated
Clean and perfect

4.) The death must be...
Slow enough for the victim to stare into your evil eyes and know you are pure evil
Fast but slow enough for them to feel great pain
Fast but long enough to see thier own limbs on the ground
Long enough to feel thier skin melting onto the ground
So fast that they dont know who did it
Fast but they must feel some pain

5.) After the victim is dead, what do you have to do with the body?
I have to scoop up the pieces and put them in a garbage bag
Not too much, just hide it really
Cut off the fingers and get rid of all teeth (no dental record matches)
Leave it in the alley where you klilled them, you dont care you jsut want to get away
Bury the body in your garden and put the head in your freezer
Wrap them im plastic, tie some bricks to them, and plop 'em in the ocean

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