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» Quiz: IM me CrystalnChains
IM me CrystalnChains
created by _Freekish_


1.) I'm at a rave and I'm really drunk. I bend over to pick something up exposing my tight virgin pussy accidently.. You:
Can't handle it and shove the closet object in as I scream in agony and moans.
You drag me crying into another room and finger me until I bleed and then fuck me.
You force me oral sex and lick my pussy. You bitch me around and tie me down making me finger and suck your pussy.

2.) I'm crying in the middle of your amusement. What do you do?
Laugh as you inflict more and more pain, making me bleed profusely.
Stop and then suddenly hit me non-stop as you once again begin to finger/fuck me owww....mm.
Don't stop and spread my legs as far apart as they can go shoving your entire fist in my pussy.

3.) I'm laying on my bed fast asleep. I start moaning and screaming in my dream.
You give me something to REALLY scream and moan about!
You strip me and wake me up with a slap as you start to lick my already wet pussy.
Take the largest object you can (wether it be a cock or object) and thrust it into my pussy after tying me down to it. That's a rude awakening.

4.) Are you likely to IM me?
MMmm.. I'm sooo wet my little bitch..
CrystalnChains, right? Mmm..

5.) Final question. What sex are you?.. ::Bites her lip::
All male.. every inch of it..

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