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» Quiz: Are you 100 percent pure FREAK?
Are you 100 percent pure FREAK?
created by .:.fairys.r.beautiful.:.

think you're normal? ... think again! you're a FREAK FREAK FREAK....admit it...admit it damnit!!!...well if you won't admit it i'll just prove it to you...FREAK

1.) What's your views on prostitution?
erm fun fun fun
fun to find hookers then cut them up and eat them for dinner
erm its a way ov life :D

2.) do u like wearing dog collars and going for walkies??
yea i enjoy a stroll
yea i love it sumin bout tht leash...
Yea i hav lots of collars and walkies r gr8 fun, i love goin out looking lik a whorish-clad

3.) Do you have any disfigurements?
i have the sum scars from birth
yea i have scars from slashing my wrists when i was ten...those depressing times...
erm only my pastey face it makes blind kids cry

4.) where do you live?
on the streets no one loves me :(
under the ground in the sewer like a rat or a mutant ... or a freak like me :D
high town...on a street corner near you

5.) do you have greased back hair, olive skin, a kiss curl and a beaming smile?
nooo..im too ugly :(
erm yea..i do..how do u no :O r u stalking me?! you're the freak! u fuckin stalker
oooo he sounds hotttt can i hav his number pllllzzzzz.....or ne1s number...im not fussy

6.) Wots ur favourite colour?
awww baby pink awww babys r so cute i just want to steal 1
awww pink awww babys r so cute i just want to eat 1
we'll i don't hav a fav cula..im not fussy wot eva erm ...pink?

7.) whats your fav item of clothing
a mask 2 hide my hideous face
a nice pink ballgown for wen i attend the opra... u'v seen tht musical rite? well i made a beter 1.....FREAK OV THE OPRA
clothes...? erm i dont wear much i hav a few belts&stuf.bt wen it gets rele cold in winter i have a nice hat2keep me warm wen im on teh street corner
clothes? wots the meaning ov clothes? :S

8.) how do u feel today?
depressed as always i just wana kil myself
hungry...for human flesh yum
i feel not fussy :D so yea ne1 can pick me up fromt eh end ov my road...
great :D i love life its so joyfulll

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