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» Quiz: What Mythical Creature Are You?
What Mythical Creature Are You?
created by _Broken_Inside_

Are you a unicorn or dragon? (Or maybe a troll -GASP-)

1.) You find a dead body lying in front of your path. You....
Ignore it. Big Deal
Scorch it
Devore it... Now to find Nicole....
Bypass it... it sure does look good though....
Howl, then eat up
See if there is any blood left

2.) What color are you?
black and red
nasty grey
any color
Bright colors

3.) You see Nicole walking down a path....
Push her onto your back
stare at her
attack and eat up
plan her downfall
chase her
suck her blood

4.) What present day animal best resembles you?
komodo dragon or lizard
horse or pony

5.) What are you thoughts right now?
So tired.....
How does Nicole taste?
i make lots of toys
hey... look at the moon
so thirsty... need blood...

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