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» Quiz: How weird are you?
How weird are you?
created by -in-joy-and-sorrow-

Find out how weird you realy are...

1.) Your favourite song comes on the radio... what do you do?
I start jumping up and down screaming
You, without even realising it, start singing along and dancing in your seat
You do nothing... just sit still... yaaaawn

2.) Someone starts to mock you, saying you are a weirdo and a loner.. how would you react?
You start shouting at them realy loudly that you are a weirdo and loner and proud, just so people will notice you..
You ignore them, its pointless to let them think they are getting to you, after all.. what do you care what they think
You dont respond, you just sob quietly when they leave

3.) You see a famous person you absoloutly adore,, you go to speak to them.. what do you do/say?
You scream in their face and tell them you are their biggest fan and then proceed to show off to them
You try to stay yourself.. but then excitement creeps out a little EEEEEK
You dont say anything.... you just walk away shaking
huh? what? sorry i missed that one i was too busy talking to my pet ant and eating ice cream MAAAAD

4.) You're with friends and the conversation runs dry.. to break the silence what do you say?
Nothing... you quite like the peacefulness

Something on the ground catches your eye so you giggle and point it out to everyone...
You say

5.) Out of the following, which would you consider weird?
Someone taking a giggling fit for no reason
Two friends biting each others fingers in public for amusement
NOTHING!! omg i dont find anything weird cos i just am such a weirdo myself!!!
All of it...

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