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» Quiz: Wich Slipknot Song are you?
Wich Slipknot Song are you?
created by _OzzY_

Find out wich slipknot song you are!

1.) What would you say out of these four quotes
Say it again say it again WE WONT DIE
All our lives all we ever sacrificed has paid
People equals shyt or stop ur bitchin
Ive felt the hate rise up in me kneel down and clear the stone of leaves...

2.) Whats ur favourite colour
Bloood REDD!!!! and nothing but
Navy blue
Anything black
a peachy coulour with a bit of read mixed in....kinda the coulour of my insides

3.) What do u do in ur free time
Kill small animals
Scream my head off at ppl...its FUN!!!
Listen to music
I sit alone in my corner hating all the ppl in the world

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