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» Quiz: What kind of horse are you?
What kind of horse are you?
created by _Kool_Kat_

what kid of horse you are (if you were one)

1.) Your a horse and your rider kicks u in the sides for nothing what do u do?
Squeel and pretend to spook
Go bucking bronco
Pranc around and think nothing of it
Go 40 miles an hour around the riding ring like your a race horse

2.) You are in a horse compitition you..........
Be perfect and do everything right.
Do little bucks hear and there.
Whinney alot.
Run as fast as you can.
Look at all the people and get ring fright and start to rear.

3.) You have been given some slopy stuff for dinner. What do you do?
Gulp it down.
Refuse. Im not getting my muzzle all dirty for some worthless sloppy grain!!
Winney for somthing different.
Eat it without any fuss Sloppy Grain Joe's are my favorite!!
Eat it because it's all your gonna get.

4.) Some cats are doing there buisness (pooping) in your stall you......
Roll your eyes and ignore them.
Try and step on them. Dont you dare poop in my freshly cleaned stall again!!!
winney..Get out of my stall!!
try and kill them
trot around so fast you burry them with sawdust

5.) You are grazing happily in your feild and a strange horse walks in..you.......
Gallops toward him and heard him out.
just continue to graze.
whinney wildly and invite him to play
get so excited you run around in circles then rear.
Nickers low and quiet in suspition.

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