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» Quiz: Which Band Are You?!
Which Band Are You?!
created by .Barnacle.

Tells you what band you are :)

1.) In Your Spare Time What Are You Most Likely To Be Doing?
Hanging out with my friends, telling jokes and giving each other wedgies!
Sitting with some close friends thinking deep thoughts and having intellectual conversations
With My friends writing really good Goff tunes! yeah! cos im so Goff!
With my friends watching cute guys and giggling!
Sitting on my own...doing nothing....

2.) What outfit would you rather wear?
a baseball cap on backwards a band t-shirt and some baggy trousers
Just some trousers and a plain t-shirt
A pnk top that says I Rock Hard and some black pants! yeah!
A black band t-shirt and some jeans
A cute school uniform thing!with a tied up shirt and cute bunches!
dont pick this extra answer

3.) You're sitting in a room bored, there are 5 different option ofthings for you to do which do you choose?
A note pad and pen to write poetry
A pink Bass guitar
A Justin Timberlake CD! You adore him!!!
A Skateboard cos you rock hard! RaWr!
A magazine...
Grr dont pick agen! extra answer >:(

4.) What makeup you wear?
Like some cute pink eyeshadow and tons of blush!
Loads of black eyeliner and pale makeup...even if you're a boy
None! Maybe a bit of eyeliner though
Yeah like none! you thnk wearing none makes you look so rock! Rawr!
Does it matter?
I've done it agen /

5.) Last Question (I know the quiz was shortbutit's my first one :))Which of these sounds more appealing?
Hung In Your Room Swaying Hoping Only That You'll See...
What The Hell Is Call ID?
Oops I Did it again!
He was a sk8er boy!
Music smells

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