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» Quiz: Are you a true juggalo?
Are you a true juggalo?
created by _juggalette_420

you say you are apart of the family, lets see how true you are....

1.) what is the Dark Carnival?
The main thing ICP preachs about
a Carnival

2.) A scrub is what?
an outcast
a player

3.) Who's going chicken huntin'?!
We's goin chicken huntin
We are going chicken huntin

4.) What is the Psychopathic records logo?
a clown man

5.) What is Echo Side?
Juggalo's hell
Juggalos heaven

6.) What was ICP's first debut movie ever?
Big Money Hustlas
bolwing balls
homies from the north

7.) Cotton Candy and Neden are the same thing
no cotton candy is food

8.) Who is vampiro?
Wrestler from JCW and a homie of ICP
Wrestler from JCW
a member from ICP
a member from twiztid

9.) Who made the design of the Hatchet man?
a wicked clown

10.) Who is ICP'S number one enemy?
Dr. Dre
a evil clown

11.) what dose ICP stand for?
Insane Clown Posse and inner city posse
insane cop prechers

12.) True or False- Being called a juggahoe is a good thing?

13.) What was ICP's first joker card?
Carnival of Carnage
Ridle Box

14.) How do you get pink eye?
From being near sick people
From eating too much cotton candy

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