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» Quiz: What 20th Centuary War Would Like to Be In?
What 20th Centuary War Would Like to Be In?
created by psychoEd

Tiered of the War in Iraq. Whish we were still in some other war. Like Vietnam. Take this quiz to find out.

1.) What purpose should you be fighting for in a war?
Germans are invading other nations and spreading facism.
A Facist did not get point of WWII
You are aiding a goverment who is fighting a reble group who is suported by the people cause they hate the goverment your suporting.
Your Aillie country is fighting Germany cause they killed a Prince from a country who is friends with Germany.
Now that Europe is trying o rebuild it self we can declare our indpendence.
Your Evil brother from the North invaded.

2.) How should you fight.
The way we always fought. Standing in a line and marching forward.
In the Desert.
Guerila Warfare
Rumble in the Jungle
With people from diffrent countries using US made weapons.

3.) What loaction would you like to fight in?
No Mans Land
The desert
The jungle
Europe, North Africa, Asia
Your homeland

4.) What weapon would you like to use?
What ever you can steal.

5.) Your Leader is?
Woodrow Wilson, David Loyd George, George Clemson
Milita leader
That asshole Harry Turman
George HW Bush
LBJ then Nixon
FDR, Churchill, Stalin

6.) Your Enemy is?
Ho Chi Minch
Saddam Hussain
Kim Sung IL, Mao Zedong
Germany, Austria

7.) What end result you want?
Indpendent nation
wating ten years to go back after him.
Your first deafeat
A ceasefire that still exsists.
The world split in three. Economy boom. Cold War
Economy boom

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