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» Quiz: What United States Coinage Are You?
What United States Coinage Are You?
created by omegadrax

Are you the one-cent penny or the almighty dollar? Are you in general circulation or have dropped off the face of the planet? Take this quiz and find out.

1.) Which of these historical figures is your favorite?
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson
Franklin Roosevelt
George Washington
John F. Kennedy
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Susan B. Anthony

2.) How popular do want to be?
I want my name to be everywhere.
I want to standing next to the most famous person, because famous people tend to get assassinated.
I want to be famous but don't want to lose touch with the common man.
Fame is not important. I will do what I have to and if I become famous, that's the way it will be.
I want to be famous but I don't want to be too accessible to anyone and everyone.
I want to be famous for awhile and fade into obscurity.
I only want to be famous if it stand for something and encourages other to stand up for themselves.
The fame I want to have will transcend time and hundreds of years from now, the people will look back and honor me.

3.) Where would you like to visit?
A cemetery
A mansion
The Moon
The Zoo
A presidential library
A memorial to woman's suffrage
A native american pow-wow

4.) If someone was to say something about you, which would you like them to say?
That person is tan, small, and gets around.
That person's thinks he/she is worth more than he/she appears.
That person has a great amount of worth packed in a small package.
That person is worth having around.
Every time I see that person, I say, wow...he/she is still alive.
Who is that person?
That person speaks his/her mind and will stand for what is right no matter the cost.
That person is great to have around in times of need.

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