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» Quiz: Which of the 7 Ancient Wonders are you?
Which of the 7 Ancient Wonders are you?
created by Dhirsti

Sorry I can't figure out hot to put the pics up so maybe later there will be some when I figure it out.

1.) Which is more important to you-function, beauty or significance?
Function. What is the point of having something that doesn't serve a purpose?
Beauty. It has to be pretty or I won't even look at it much less buy it.
Significance. It has to mean something to me.
Beauty and significance.... You can't have one without the other.
Screw the discriptive crap... Everyone knows what it is!!!!
As long as it's big I don't care...But it has to be REALLY BIG!

2.) Pick a number:
I just can't decide I pick them ALL!!!

3.) Which one appeals to you most?
Mountains, Trees and Grass
Perfection, Geometric,Enourmous
Victory, Sportsmanship, Peace
Sacred, Honor, Fertility
Crusading. Kings, DEAD PEOPLE!!!!
Elegance, Safety, Infamy

4.) Pick one that appeals to you most. Some may be similar but are still different combinations.
White marble and stone
Massive walls forming terraces and lots of pretty archways.
Gold, Ivory, Metal, Ebony, Precious stones.
Marble, Bronzze, Gold, Silver.
White alabaster, Gold.
Bronze, White marble, Iron, Stone
Stones, Red Granite..... Dead People!!!

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