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» Quiz: What Historic Woman Are You?
What Historic Woman Are You?
created by jyll51

1.) What would you do if your husband told you that he wanted a divorce?
Refuse to give him one and dispute it. When he does divorce you, you make his life a living hell for the rest of yours.
Take all of his property, and then hire a hit man to kill the curr. After it is over, shack up with the hitman.
Comply and get rid of him. You don't want to be with anyone who doesn't want to worship you.
That's fine. Things are heating up with your new lover anyway, and you were getting tired of your husband before he asked for the divorce.
You are sad, but you sign the papers and get on with your life. You can't ruin your children and your career by picking a fight.
You push him out of a window.

2.) What is your favorite food?
The orange, because it's a treat.
A pomegranate.
Juicy juicy mangoes.
Ale and meat!
Hard tack biscuits and strong coffee

3.) How many children will you have?
Oh, two, maybe? If I have the time, that is. I'll hire a nanny and deal with them when they're older.
Three, and I'll care for them myself.
Three, taken care of by governesses and to be groomed by tutors to be brilliant.

4.) What do you do for fun?
Thank the Lord for all of my blessings.
Drink, eat, fight, curse, lead, and have sex.
I enjoy time with my lover, and I shop and read.
I tend to the house and to my job. I teach my children morals, and I teach them about honor.
Make orders and act as a decisive leader. I never wear dresses.

5.) What does your hair look like?
Honey brown, and very long.
Short and blonde
Closely cropped and dark
Shoulder length and fluffy, and I don't bother coloring it.
Past my shoulder, dark brown. Matches my gorgeous skin.

6.) Craziest thing you've ever done (or could see yourself doing)
Dressing up like a man and fighting as a soldier
Dressing up like a man and impersonating a King
Attacking a village and going to war with another country because you want to prove to your husband that you have more money than he does.
Scretly marrying a Prince to a wealthy country in secret in the middle of the night, then getting pregnant so you're marriage can't be annulled.
Being forced to live in a shack with no money because you won't divorce your husband and are too stubborn to be insulted by his new wife.

7.) Favorite movie?
G.I. Jane
The Passion of the Christ
Robin Hood

8.) What do you think of France?
Dated a frenchman. Fuck the French.
I like their wine, and I drink enough of it, so viva la France!
France? Where's that?
I'll never have the money to get there, so I'm indifferent. Glad that they helped us win the revolution, though.

9.) Favorite jewel?

10.) Favorite article of clothing?
A hat or scarf.
My velvet cape.
My suit.
My favorite dress.
My gun.

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