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» Quiz: What Monarch Are You?
What Monarch Are You?
created by jyll51

What great historical monarch are you? Take the quiz and find out!

1.) It's Saturday night! What do you do?
I eat and eat, then I drink and fall madly in love with the person sitting next to me. When my friends tell me to slow down, I tell them to sod off!
I flirt with five different people, and then I jump into bed with two of them.
I head to a nightclub with my posse, and when we are denied entrance we fight our way in and party, dammit!
I stay home and study. I have to stay ahead, and a Saturday night is no excuse for a night of foolishness.
I go offroading to new paths and trails. I think of better routes to the trails, and of ways to improve them.

2.) Your ideal mate:
Isn't a witch!!! I hate witches!!!
Is quiet and loves me, even though I sleep around and blatantly seek out other women.
Is older and wiser, and is a guiding influence.
Has money and connections. Who cares what they look like? Love isn't about attraction or compatability, it's about GAIN.
Is loyal and moral.

3.) You're personal style is...
Opulent! Jewels, gold tones, rich fabrics, I am powerful and people must be blind not to know it!
Red velvets and red satins. Luxurious materials, minimal jewellery.
. My clothes are serviceable, and muted. My presence is a stronger force than my outfit.
Good brands, good fabric in an older style. My face is so ugly that no amount of expensive clothes will help, but I make a bit of an effort anyway.
I wear soft fabrics that are comfortable. I like looking good, but it's not then of the world to me. So long as I have my facial hair.

4.) Where would you go on a vacation?
Anywhere but France! Curses on the French pigs!
To Versailles, to see the beautiful courts, drink the wine, and maybe woo an inn-keeper's daughter or two or three...at the same time.
I can't take a vacation. I'm too busy handling things in my area.
Somewhere where I could meet someone famous and sucker them into doing something for me.
The Holy Land, to see the historical sites and to see what might be done about taking control of it.

5.) What's your favorite TV show?
Days of Our Lives
The Howard Stern Show.
Great Battles, on the History Channel
Survivor. All of the scheming and backstabbing can be quite educational.
Great Outdoor Journeys, on the Discovery Channel.

6.) How do you feel about Church?
As long as the Pope isn't in charge, things go fine in Church!
I go to Church to make my family happy, and it makes me look good in the community. Do I care personally? Not really.
I care about Earthly matters.
It's an institution that takes money from the people and gives instant loyalty to a monarch. I should be in charge of it.
I'll defend it with my sword!

7.) What's your favorite movie?
Braveheart. I love it when the English get theirs! I told you that the Plantagenets were all bastards!
Elizabeth. A wise ruler, and a strong testament to her line.
Tombstone. Honor and family.
Gladiator. Commodus could have learned from me.
Red River.

8.) What's your favorite subject?
Human sexuality
Political Science

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