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» Quiz: Can you be a REAL Norweigan Viking?(pics)
Can you be a REAL Norweigan Viking?(pics)
created by GodessOfDeath

Vikings are cool, but its really hard to be a real one!:)

1.) How often do you kill someone?
Every week at least..
Once a month...
Once a year...
Never, im mums little angel!

2.) What kind of weapon do you use?
An axe or a sword...
A gun...
I never use weapons, they are dangerous and I dont get allowed to....
I use my hands...

3.) Do you drink?
Yeah water every day..its healthy:)
yeah sometimes I drink applejuice or something else...
Yeah I drink beer every day...
Every weekend...

4.) What is your favorite colors?
Black as the night...
Pink and orange..
White, blue and purple
Nature colors...

5.) What kind of music do you like?
Everything who is populare..
Pop music, Hip Hop or trance...
Metal, Black, Doom...;)
Death and black metal:)

6.) Do you got long hair??
No...but im thinking of it!
Yeah but not to long..
Hell yeah,!! Every real man and woman should have long hair!
Yuck, hell no thats ugly!!
Im not a girl...

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