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» Quiz: Are you a flapper or a rapper?
Are you a flapper or a rapper?
created by flapper_girl

Let's see which decade you fit in the most!

1.) First of all, do you know what flapper is?
I have no idea
It sounds familiar, but I can't remember
Yes I know

2.) What year would you like to live in the most?
Ahh... 1904! Good old romantic times!
1924! My favourite!
What a question! I'm happy with 2004, of course!

3.) Do you think women should have the right to vote?
Ha ha! They already have that right!
Yes I do
Hell no! It'd be a disaster!

4.) What kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to all kinds of music

5.) Do you know which decade was that of the prohibition?
What prohibition?
Wouldn't it be right now?

6.) When did The Great Depression start?
What's that?

7.) What do you like to see on women the most?
Well... long hair and beautiful dress
Short hair and cloche
Very short skirts and blond hair

8.) Do you know who Clara Bow was?
Yes I know who Clara Bow IS
Was she an actress?
I have no idea
I don't care... J.Lo rules!

9.) The last question - which came the first, the flapper or the rapper?
What is rapper?
What is flapper?
What's flapper and what's rapper?

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