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» Quiz: What infamous person are you?
What infamous person are you?
created by i fuck alf

1.) What are you bothered by most:
Lack of power.
Aging/Loss of beauty.
Your heredity.
You feel smothered and forced to conform.
Rape, molestation, men.
Capitalists, Rich people, Pigs man.

2.) How do you carry out your aims?
I lie, steal and manipulate.
I use my influence and power.
I use my powers of persuasion and general angst.
I pretend, adapt, become one of my prey.
I lure my target with sex and attraction.
I use drugs, bribes, preach and whatever appeals to my followers.

3.) You're victims:
Whoever is a pig, man!

4.) Where do you work?
I don't work I go to college.
I'm Rich.
I'm in the military or a boss.
I work at a chocolate factory.
I work the streets.
I don't work.

5.) You're:
Obsessed with women with dark hair.
Obsessed with preserving your looks.
Self hating.
Wanting to make human zombies for your sex slave collection.
A man hater.
A vegabond.

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