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» Quiz: What type of Viking are you?
What type of Viking are you?
created by TyrOfNiflheim

The quiz that seperates Vikings from sluts. Depending on your results, you get an uber webpage.

1.) What city would you most likely live in (money and housing not an issue)?

2.) Where did you go to pillage/burn/rape/make settlements?
As far south as Constantinople, we formed Russia!
South to Scotland, and England to destroy the Saxons before they could settle, we also stopped in Ireland and settled Dublin.

3.) What is your peoples' current flag?
A little white leaf surrounded by red!
A yellow cross, the rest is blue...
A blue cross surrounded by a white border. The rest is red.

4.) What is a berserker?
A Freakish warrior who chewed on a yrrgrr root before battle. They were also protected by Odin so they had no fear of being harmed.
Heathens who would not warship christ, they nearly killed Christianity for Scandinavia!
Hmmmm, I think there is a hockey team called the Berzerkers!
I dont know...

5.) Did your peoples' 11th Century flag have a raven on it?
No we have a maple leaf, duh!
Hell yeah!

6.) What do you think you are?
A Hardcore Canadian Viking!
A Norwegian Viking til death man.
A Swedish Viking til Christ makes me depart!

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