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» Quiz: what age should you live in
what age should you live in
created by thedisreputablegirl

yeah, there were lots of different time periods. the dark ages, the golden ages, the stone ages...so don't you long to know which one you're from. i know i do...

1.) so how's life right now.
absolutely wonderful. everything is going peachy.
it's kinda slow, just working on starting out on my own.
i've been feeling really creative lately, drawing pictures, writing poetry, making music. that sort of thing.
actually, i just had something horrible happen. i don't really want to talk about it, but i'm not doing to good right now.
pretty fast paced. i've gotten really good at multi-tasking, i just never 'stop and smell the roses' anymore.

2.) what's your favourite colour.
i'm love all the colours. they're so pretty.
i'm going with black. that's kinda how i've been feeling.
grey/brown/green. any earthy colour.
yellow. it's so bright and happy. like the sun.
rusty orange. like a sunset, or like my guitar...

3.) what is the defining factor in your life out of these.
i'm just trying to survive, i don't have time for any fripperies.
well i'm really wealthy, but i'd like to say that smiling is the defining factor in my life. it makes everything so much easier.
my artwork. i just live creating things, even if they have no practicle value.
probably all the useless crap i have. i'll use something for awhile, then get bored with it and forget about it.
all the misery that others have inflicted on me. my life is such a chaotic mess.

4.) what animal do you identify with.
a crow. not many people like them and they fight amongst each other, but they're really just misunderstood.
a horse. they're hard workers.
an eagle. they're so noble and just.
a domesticated animal. i don't have that much of a say in my life, but i'm happy sometimes.
a human. i create.

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