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» Quiz: Blades!
created by zen

Find out which Blade you are.

1.) If you found yourself facing a lot of hardships in life, and no one wanted to help you, what would you do?
Hold it all in then throw a fit, destroying everything around you.
Quickly and decisively determine the cause of your problems and strike fast.
Go on a hunt to stalk your enemies and demons.
Try to get a clear picture of the different ways to solve each of your problems then deal with them individually.
Hide from your problems and turn to diversions like food, drink, entertainment.
Change your life from the top down. It's time for something new.
Commit suicide.
Act as though you are wounded by your problems and lie in wait for your enemies to reveal themselves.
You are strong enough to weather any storm. You can wait it all out and do battle at the right time.

2.) Which of the follow words or phrases do you have the most affinity for?
Family / Home
Spirituality / Religion
Change / Unpredictibility
Personal Power
Destruction / Evil
Action / Precision
Desire / Drive
Utility / Adaption

3.) Choose on of these Regions or Countries

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